KEWAUNEE, Wis. (WFRV) – On the first Thursday of every month, Local 5 News tells the story of the people behind Wisconsin Supper Clubs.

But, by the time you dish out about the food, how the supper club started, and what makes each club unique, sometimes there’s not enough time to share all we learned.

So, we serve up the segments that didn’t make the cut for the news here on the web with “Extra Sides.”

Long before The Wildflower was a Supper Club, the building was called “The Cork” and was known for its unique fixtures in the men’s bathroom.

The owners of the Wildflower decided to keep them when they took over.

Local 5 ventured inside the men’s bathroom, and sure enough, the urinals made out of one-time beer kegs remain.

“It’s fun, huh?” asked current owner Jason Jelinek who, along with his wife Cassie, are now owners and operators of their fresh task on the supper club tradition.

So in the interest of fairness, Local 5’s Michele McCormack wanted to highlight the ladies’ room as well.

Each toilet has a private stall with a sturdy door. It’s also beautifully decorated with artwork done by Cassie’s Aunt Angel, who is also the lead server and soup maker.

Along the wall between the two bathrooms is the giant cut-out of the legendary grandfather clock in Kewaunee that used to be on a billboard heading into town.

Jason came into possession of it, given his work as the village’s former mayor.

“We inherited that because I spearheaded saving the clock,” explained Jason. “When the clock was up on the hill and getting it back into town.”

The Wildflower says it’s the kind of stuff that spurs conversation among customers and creates a community atmosphere that so many have come to expect in this gathering spot for the village.