BLACK CREEK, Wis. (WFRV) – The path of destruction from the F1 tornado that ripped through Northern Outagamie County is upending lives as people start on this massive clean-up project.

The Elmergreen Family in Black Creek was left to pick up the pieces after their barn completely collapsed, everything in it was destroyed, the roof of their home was damaged and multiple trees were uprooted.

Edward Elmergreen said, “Ripped down multiple trees and ripped down our barn a lot of our toys were in there and those are all smashed down everything is just gone. Side by sides, snowmobiles, four-wheelers a lot of tools for the business a lot of stuff is in there.”

People in the City of Seymour also sustained damage from the high winds.

Steve Ashman was cleaning up his in-law’s front lawn when he explained, “They had this big evergreen and a couple of maples had gone over. My inlaws are elderly they’re both just had covid so they’re not feeling the best, to begin with.”

Those affected say overall it has been a very difficult few days.

“It was really sad yesterday we came out of the basement and thought everything was good and we looked at the window and we saw the barn was gone and she started looking out windows and saw trees were down and our roof was peeled off,” said Elmergreen. “And we looked at the neighbor’s house right over there and their whole house is almost gone.”

The family says the community, including a lot of teenagers, has come out to help them start this massive clean-up project.