HILBERT, Wis. (WFRV) – The Mulberry Lane farm is a family-owned farm in Hillside that provides fun activities for the entire family to experience, especially during Fall.

Bonnie Keyes and her husband, Pete, run the farm and keep it open seven days a week throughout the month of October. Bonnie explained to Local 5’s Samantha Petters that they love Fall so much they try to bring the fall favorites to the farm.

“On the weekends, we have our food trailer open with the freshly dipped caramel apples, the hot mini donuts, the chili, all those fall favorites,” said Bonnie Keyes, Co-owner of Mulberry Lane Farm. “We have face painters here, the corn where the kids can go into the corn crib and play in corn; they really enjoy that.”

The Farm offers every guest the ability to take a hayride out to their pumpkin patch for a free pumpkin. In addition to finding their perfect pumpkin, people can also walk around to see the different animals throughout the farm.

The couple takes pride in making the farm a learning experience by teaching them things like how to milk a cow, how to raise baby chicks, and what the wool from sheep feels like.

“You get right into the pens, you can catch a chicken, you can go in the teenage pig pen to pet a pig, go into the sheep pen and feel the wool of a sheep, hand-feed the goats with grain that we give you for free with your admission,” said Keyes. “Once you pay admission, everything is included, even the hayride to the pumpkin patch to pick that free pumpkin.”

Bonnie said she loves being able to offer a family-friendly interactive experience and encourages everyone to come out.

“The families love to take that country drive and explore the country and see the Colorama that’s near peak right now, so they come out and get to interact with the animals, see what we have to offer, and get out to the country and enjoy fall while we still can,” said Keyes. “Winter is right around the corner, so we encourage you to take that Sunday drive and come out.

If you are interested in taking a drive out to the country for a day of animal petting and pumpkin picking, you can visit their website for more information about special events, group and family outings, and even wedding opportunities.