CHICAGO, Ill. (WFRV) – There’s lots of things that Green Bay Packer and Chicago Bear fans disagree about.

From which team throws better tailgate parties to who would win a hypothetical matchup between the ’85 Bears (the last Bears team to win a Super Bowl) and the 2011 Packers, the list isn’t short.

For what’s it’s worth an unbiased source, a Lions fan, had this to say about the former question.

“My neighbor growing up was a big Packers fan, so I thought it was pretty fun with wearing the cheese on the head and watching everybody with their shirts off in freezing weather,” said Michael Levin who was visiting Chicago for the weekend from Seattle. “I always thought that was nuts. I’ve always vibed more with the Green Bay fans.”

And don’t get Packer and Bear fans started on who they think will win the game on Sunday.

“I think the Bears will pull away,” said Bears fan Braedyn Martinez.

“Both teams are going to do the best that they can, but I’m sticking with my Packers regardless if my quarterback being gone,” said Chicago-based Packer fan Dovien Anderson.

But one thing that both the green and gold and the navy blue and orange can agree on is that amongst all the great rivalries in the NFL, the Bears and Packers rivalry isn’t only the oldest but also the best.

“I think it might be the best,” said Martinez. “Fans really get into it. Pretty close cities, same division I think it’s definitely one of the better ones.”

“They’re right there, there’s no ranking they are literally right there (at No. 1),” said Anderson.

The two teams have played each other 206 times with the Packers winning 105 of those games. The Packers have won the last eight games against the Bears and and have beaten Chicago in 22 of their last 25 matchups.

The rivalry dates back all the way to 1921.