WEST ALLIS, Wis. (WFRV) – Have you or anyone you know been a victim of a hate crime in or around West Allis, Wisconsin? The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is searching for anyone who has experienced this since 2021.

According to the FBI, these kinds of hate crimes are described as slashed car tires, smashed car windshields, and/or receiving a hate note on your car.

Specifically, they are wondering if anyone has been a victim this year in 2022 or last year in 2021.

If you meet these criteria, they ask you to contact the FBI Milwaukee Field Office at (414) -276-4684.

Within the month of April, the United States Attorney’s Office Eastern District of Wisconsin did announce a Wisconsin man was recently charged for allegedly using and threatening force against people of different races who were living in West Allis.

The FBI has not confirmed these two are related, but it shows they are trying to put a stop to recent hate crime activity.