Final touches being put on LPGA Classic

Local News

The grandstands are going up, and the final touches are being made to make sure the tournament is ready for its third year.

“LPGA comes in and it’s a huge festival, really,” said Brandon Stevens, vice-chairman of Oneida Nation.

60,000 people are expected to visit Thornberry Creek next week, adding a level of tension that those on the course right now do not have to deal with.

“When you’re in a normal course of the day, you don’t have that,” he said. “You have maybe a foursome behind you, waiting for you, and sometimes that’s pressure enough to make you hit a bad shot.”

The LPGA Classic will be broadcast on the Golf Channel increasing the amount of exposure for Northeast Wisconsin.

“Not just Oneida, not just Green Bay, but they come in and say, ‘Wow, this is something to really be reckoned with–having an event of this size right here in this area,'” said Stevens.

Oneida is a matrilineal society, making the event a perfect fit.

“It goes along with our values of having these world-class women golfers coming in and being mentors and leaders for the area athletes,” he said.

The LPGA Classic is expected to bring about $7-million to the Green Bay area.

“They’re just as good as the men, and they’re showcased on a worldwide platform,” said Stevens. “And–it’s here.”

The first round starts on the fourth of July–next Thursday.

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