OSHKOSH, Wis.(WFRV)- As we head into the winter months, local Fire Department Officials want to remind residents to be extra careful as it gets colder.

“Do not try to make your own heat,” said John Holland Public Information Officer for Oshkosh Fire Department. Holland recalls a tragic incident that took place in Oshkosh a few years ago. “Someone was actually in a storage unit and was using propane to heat it. They did, unfortunately, die in a fire that was set by that,” said Holland.

If you have a live Christmas Tree, make sure to keep it hydrated. If you have a fireplace, discard the ashes properly.

“It’s something we talk about often, and it just continues to happen which is surprising,” said Holland. He says you should make sure they are completely out before moving them. “Hot ashes do not belong in a paper bag or a plastic garbage can,” said Holland.

The Green Bay Metro Fire Department has a Wreath Program, where they hang a holiday wreath at every fire station. Every time a fire happens they add a red light to the wreath. So far, two red lights have been added. One for a fire that was cooking related and the other is for a fire with a cause that has not been determined.

In a statement to Local 5, Shauna Walesh with Green Bay Metro said, “We are urging people to be careful using space heaters within the home with temperatures dropping.” The statement goes on to say, “Give space heaters space, keep items at least 3 feet away from these heaters. Check for recalls and only use them when you are in the room with them and awake.”

It is also a great time to replace the batteries on your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. You should also think about having them on each floor of your home as well.