GRAND CHUTE, Wis. (WFRV) – Covid changed the way people go out to eat, and with the rise of social distancing came a boom for food trucks.

Kim Finnell, the co-owner of Osorio’s Latin Fusion said, “It’s kinda become its own culture you know and I don’t know. It’s fun for us but it’s kinda taken its whole life of its own and I don’t see it going anywhere.”

Finnell said the culture changed when it came to eating out, “You wouldn’t believe how adventurous people are and that’s the thing I think they see it as a new fun thing to do.”

Osorio’s said while dining in took a hit during the pandemic and then bounced back the one constant was the food truck.

“You still get to feel like you’re a part of society again so I think actually it’s been really phenomenal,” said Finnell.

These food truck rallies create a sense of community for local entrepreneurs who otherwise may have struggled on their own.

Kyle Fritz, the Fox Valley Food Truck Association President and the owner of On the Fritz Concession Owner said, “The association really took that intimidation factor out and we’re all a big group of friends.”