GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – First Lady Jill Biden’s first appearance of her two-day visit to northeast Wisconsin was at Discover Green Bay Monday night, where a watch party was hosted in support of the NFL and American Cancer Society’s Crucial Catch initiative and the White House Cancer Moonshot.

“Right here in Green Bay, with the support of crucial catch, health clinics are connecting more people to screening and helping more patients navigate their cancer care,” she said. “We can’t afford to wait another minute for better solutions, better treatments, and better cures. And that’s the reason why we’re all here tonight.”

Biden’s plane landed shortly after 7:00 p.m., just over half an hour behind schedule, and received tremendous applause from event attendees despite not making her entrance until after kickoff of the Packers-Raiders game.

“Teams from coaches to players to broadcasters come together to help Americans get the information they need to get screened for cancer,” Biden said. “We may come from different places and cheer for different teams, actually last night I was cheering on my Eagles, but you know cancer touches us all. And I know that’s true for my family and far too many of your families as well.”

Biden lost her son stepson, Beau Biden, to brain cancer in 2015. She said that the cruelest thing that cancer does is steal time away from patients and their loved ones.

“The days spent in treatment, recovering from surgery, anniversaries and holidays missed, pages of photo albums unfilled,” she said.

Biden said that she looks forward to a future where that is not the outcome of diagnoses.

“Where cancer is not a death sentence,” she said. “Where we invest in innovative research and help patients and their families navigate this journey. Where we stop cancer before it starts and we make treatments more affordable if it does.”

Biden stressed that early detection is currently the best way to have a good outcome.

“Take a moment to talk to your doctor about whether it’s time for your mammogram or other cancer screenings,” she said. “Because this is too important to put it off. Make an appointment and encourage your loved ones to do the same.”