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First Look at Green Bay's New Soccer Team

De Pere, Wis - Green Bay's first Women's Premier Soccer League now has a team in Green Bay.

"We just got accepted into the league," says Kerry Geocaris, the owner of Green Bay Glory. "We are one of the latest expansion teams. There's over 110 right now across the country."

It is the highest level of amateur play, giving local soccer prodigies a chance they did not have before.

"Once they get into college age, then you're done," she said. "So, there's very little opportunity for them to play the sport that they love."

And many of these players aren't ready to hang up the cleats just yet.

"I've been playing soccer since I was five or six," said Mackenzie August, who spent the morning trying out for the team. "I played club throughout my whole life, high school, and then I went off and played in college and after school, so it just kind of stuck with me."

This semi-pro opportunity is the most common way female pros make it into the national league.
But some of these athletes have their goals set a little more modestly.

"Just to break a sweat competitively and have to show off pretty much, it feels good," she said. "I haven't done that in four years. So, to be under the pressure to have to really play, I missed it. I will say that."

And for those thinking you don't have to be tough to play soccer, watch out.

"I'll be dead honest--I'm looking forward to slide tackling and getting down and really playing," said August. "To make a difference, and just make a name for Green Bay and the soccer up here."

The team's first games of the season start in May.

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