DE PERE, Wis. (WFRV) – After a snowstorm, you would not expect to see much fishing on the Fox River. Fishers say they plan to enjoy one of their favorite activities regardless of the weather. 

“I love fishing, that is a part of my life, now’s a good time, there’s a million fish in this river, you just have to try and get the good one,” said Derek Butzen.

The conditions are winter-like, but for dozens of fishers on the Fox River, it is a wonderful time to catch Walleye.  

Butzen says colder temperatures will not prevent him from reaching his goal. 

“Trying to catch a trophy fish 28 or bigger, Walleye specifically,” stated Butzen. 

Wisconsin’s most recent snowfall is not preventing fishers from doing what they love. Matthew Bluma says unpredictable weather makes it easier to fish. 

“Walleyes love crappy weather, it is just like duck hunting you got to be out here when it’s cold,” said Bluma. 

While others are fishing for trophies, Bluma is fishing for dinner.  

“They come home they go to the freezer it’s great eating, a clean white meat, they’re flakey they fry up great.” 

Fishers say they expect more to join them on the Fox River once temperatures rise.