FISK, Wis. (WFRV) – Some of Fox Valley’s best fireworks are in jeopardy in the community of Fisk in Winnebago County.

Fisk, located just outside Oshkosh, has held a firework show that is completely funded through community donations and visitors to the small village.

Mike Christianson and his family have been lighting the fireworks off for years now, but after running into shortages and a lack of funds, the longstanding tradition could be canceled for good.

“If we don’t have the funds to keep going with this, it’s not going to happen. It’s such a tradition and it’d be a shame to lose it. We still have hope that someone will come through,” said Christianson, the organizer of the Fisk Firework Show.

The event is similar to the Field of Dreams, where people show up in the rural area and park in the fields and on the sides of roads. Local food trucks provided snacks and beverages to those attending the firework show as well.

The Fisk Fireworks are always held on July 3, and with only a few days until then, community members are worried the show will not go on.

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“We spend about $13,000 on fireworks itself and then we have the state police come. We have to get some outhouses and then the insurance covers about two to three thousand but by the time it’s all said and done we’re probably looking at $16,000,” explained Christianson.

For more information about the Fisk Fireworks, you can visit its Facebook Page here.