GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – The inaugural soccer exhibition match between Bayern Munich and Manchester City made its debut in Lambeau Field on Saturday and it seems a few fans may have gotten a bit carried away.

According to the Green Bay Police Department, during the game, five people were arrested and four others were ejected due to ‘various misconduct violations.’

Multiple fans who attended the match tell Local 5 that they witnessed two individuals, who were not permitted to be on the field at that time, run onto the field during the game.

One of the individuals was allegedly streaking.

The highly anticipated soccer match welcomed over 78,000 fans from all over the state- and the world. Fans from 19 countries and all 50 states were reportedly in attendance.

Photo courtesy of Danielle Flouro

And what would a game at Lambeau be without a few surprises?

About 45 minutes before the game started heavy rain showers hit the scene as a severe storm passed through the region.

Photo courtesy of Ricky Rodriguez

The heavy rainfall was followed by thunder and lightning which resulted in two delays and fans having to exit the stadium bowl and wait out the storm in the concourse.

Video courtesy of Kristin Houle

Eventually, the rain passed, the skies cleared, and the long-awaited match resumed.

In the end, Manchester City prevailed over FC Bayern Munich with a 1-0 win.

Photo courtesy of Danielle Flouro

“We thank all the fans for their patience while we worked through the weather delay and wish everyone a safe travel home,” shared the Green Bay Police Department.