(WFRV) – After the sheriff’s office received some complaints of snow being plowed into the roadways, authorities in northern Wisconsin are reminding people it is against the law.

The Florence County Sheriff’s Office says that they have received some complaints regarding people plowing or pushing snow onto the roadways.

In a Facebook post, the Florence County Sheriff’s Office shared a picture from the Florence County Highway Department reminding what the laws are when it comes to plowing snow across public roads.

Chapters 86.01, 86.07, and 346.94(5) prohibits this action. Snow left in ridges, rows or piles on the roadway/highway or shoulders can cause accidents, injury and damage to vehicles. Homeowners/Business Owners are responsible for this, even if you hire someone to plow for you. Violators could be fined $200.50.

Florence County Highway Department

Back in early Dec., the Marinette County Sheriff’s Office also reminded residents to not push snow into the road, as a county plow truck was damaged.

The Florence County Sheriff’s Office also posted that they are no longer selling their ‘yellow’ garbage bags. They mention that they are looking at other fundraising options.