FOND DU LAC, Wis. (WFRV) – The Fourth of July and fireworks go hand and hand, but each year that combination results in nearly one hundred thousand injuries.

“Fifty percent of those that get injured are twenty or younger and that’s who we see in our emergency departments,” says Brenda Kissinger, EMS Trauma Supervisor for St. Agnes Hospital. “We see the younger adults who aren’t adhering to the safety precautions of not holding the firework when you’re lighting it and making sure you’re not pointing it at somebody else.”

Kissinger says that every year there are some types of injuries due to fireworks, but this year, the concern is even greater as more and more individuals are forced to enjoy the Fourth of July from home.

“All of us who promote going to a public show and letting the professionals handle the fireworks we know that due to COVID-19 many if not all of them are not going to happen so we feel that there could be a gravitation more than normal to consumer fireworks stands,” says Fond du Lac Fire Chief Peter O’Leary.

The Fond du lac Fire Department put on their annual firework safety display in hopes their message is heard loud and clear, that everyone will be much safer if backyard firework displays are one more item on the list of things we have to give up this year.

“If we get through the Fourth of July and we don’t have anybody get hurt or killed using consumer fireworks it’ll be a good year,” says O’Leary, “despite all the things we’ve had to go through.”