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Fond du Lac Investigators to use New Technology in Hopes of Identifying Jane Doe

Fond du Lac (WFRV) - Investigators in Fond du Lac County are turning to new technology in hopes of figuring out who the victim is in a decade old mystery.  

In addition to new facial reconstruction images released Monday (4/23/18), investigators will exhume her remains on Thursday in an effort to give forensic anthropologists another opportunity to examine certain features that may help them determine who she was.  The Sheriff's Office also reported that they will be utilizing a chemical isotope analysis on her bones which could provide historical data that could lead to a geographic region where Jane Doe may have previously lived.  They will also use DNA phenotyping in hopes of determining her hair and eye color and other specific and important features. 

Investigators believe Jane Doe was between 15 and 21 years old when she died.  Stood about 5' 1" tall and weighed about 120 pounds. Her hair was light brown or blonde.  While police believe she was likely Caucasian, they say she could have been Hispanic, Native American or even Asian.  These new tests will help narrow down what she looked like. 

Her DNA was placed in the National DNA Database and is routinely checked against missing persons and new records - but over the last decade there have been no matches. 

In releasing the new images, the Sheriff's Office hopes someone recognizes her and takes the time to call in a tip to them. 

If you can help the Sheriff's Office says call their tip line at (920) 906-4777 or the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children's tip line at 1-800-the-lost. 


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