OSHKOSH, Wis. (WFRV) – Just months after announcing the planned closure of a distribution facility in Wausau, Foot Locker is reportedly closing its call center in Oshkosh.

According to a letter sent by Foot Locker, Inc. to the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, it will cease site operations at its Oshkosh call center. This will reportedly happen on April 28, 2023.

The entire facility will be closed and all employees at the facility will be affected. The letter says the closure is expected to be permanent.

In total, 97 employees will be affected by this closure. The site is reportedly located at 600 City Center in Oshkosh. The layoffs will happen in two parts, the first one is expected to affect 95 employees and is scheduled to happen on April 28. The two remaining employees will be retained until May 31 to help with closing the site.

The letter says the affected workers are non-union employees. It was also mentioned that the company will be ‘centralizing its North American internal customer care team to its facility in Wausau’.

The decision to centralize the internal customer care team to Wausau was reportedly ‘part of the evolving omni retail environment’.

The full letter was sent on January 23 and can be viewed here.

Back in October of 2022 Foot Locker announced that it was closing its distribution center in Wausau. That layoff affected over 200 employees.