A Wisconsin Marine found a new friend Monday morning – a service companion dog to help him deal with post-traumatic stress disorder. Local 5’s Kris Schuller reports the two were connected through a Sheboygan Falls organization, committed to helping vets.

When former enlisted Marine Nate Seavecki returned from Afghanistan in 2010, he came back a changed man.

“We were out on the front –  in the thick of it,” Seavecki said. “People don’t understand unless you’ve actually been there I believe.”

But now he has a new friend to help him heal – a fury companion whose name is Anna.

“She makes me more comfortable with my anxiety depression, all that stuff, kind of disappears when she’s around me,” Seavecki said.

Anna is a service dog identified for placement by the non-profit group Dogs2DogTags. Torre Willadsen is the organization’s founder.

“These guys come home and they become solitary because they don’t share what they went through with their family and their friends,” Willadsen said.

According to the Department of Veteran Affairs since 9/11 nearly 30 percent of veterans treated at the VA have PTSD. Willadsen says lives can be saved pairing deserving veterans with trained service dogs.

“It’s a loving feeling that you get from another animal that you share together, that can bring anxiety down in a person that needs a bit of a stress relief,” said Willadsen.

A donation from SharpLogixx, makers of portable x-ray systems used by the military to detects bombs, made this union possible. The company opened up their Green Bay office to wish Nate and Anna well.

 “I was really pretty easy for us to feel for these guys and want to do something,” said Kevin Scholz, CEO of SharpLogixx.

“I could be having the worst day of my life and she’s still going to be wagging her tail,” said Nate.

“They’ve given so much of their lives – they need to be recognized and paid back,” Willadsen said.

Paid back with canine companionship, to ease the trauma of time in a war zone.

Seavecki lives in Wisconsin Rapids. Anna will also help in hunting and fishing events he organizes for fellow veterans.