(WFRV) – A former linebacker with the Green Bay Packers is facing some trouble after allegedly being involved in ‘misconduct’ involving Pokémon cards.

Whatnot, which says it aims to enable anyone to turn their passion into a business and bring people together through commerce, has reportedly banned Blake Martinez’s business from selling on its platform. In a post on Twitter, Whatnot announced the permanent removal of Blakesbreaks from the platform.

There was mention that a ‘comprehensive’ investigation into Blakebreaks’ operations. The individual employees involved in misconduct were also reportedly removed permanently.

Additionally, Whatnot announced that all buyers impacted by the infractions have been refunded. Blake Martinez is involved with ‘Blakesbreaks’ and has posted on his Instagram about the business.

The allegations, which can be viewed in detail in a 10-part series on YouTube, stem from the alleged misconduct to people by not being honest about what they are buying. All of the allegations involve Pokémon packs.

Martinez played four years in Green Bay and had over 100 tackles in three out of the four years with the Packers.