GREEN BAY, Wis.(WFRV)- Since 2018, Foster the Village has served more that 850 children and teens that are in the foster care system in Brown County.

The Greater Green Bay Community Foundation has given Foster the Village a $7,500 grant to further assist families with much-needed resources, like clothing, shoes, car seats, diapers, hygiene items, and much more.

“The grant will help us determine the needs of the foster care community and tailor our services to best serve them,” said Cheri Salmon, Village founder and President. Salmon says that she got the idea about opening a location in Green Bay after a work trip to Michigan. “I was in Michigan and saw a Foster Closet, that had clothing for foster children,” said Salmon.

Foster the Village Inc. supports children in Brown County that have been removed from parental custody due to abuse or neglect, and the families who take them in, through monetary and in-kind donations.

Tammy Deppe, is a Green Bay foster mother, who has been helped by the Village. “This place is amazing. Sometimes we get children who come with nothing,” said Deppe. Her home is considered a short-term foster care location. “Sometimes, it’s one message sent to a couple people and next thing I know I have a duffle bag with clothes,” said Deppe.

Robert Angst is also a foster parent who lives in Allouez. Angst says that he and his wife became foster parents in order to provide a place that children in need of a good home can go. ” Just being there to support them and show them what love can be is why we do it,” said Angst. When speaking about the Village, he says it’s great to know you can get help when needed. “It’s about not worrying about having clothes for kids when they come to your house,” said Angst.

Due to the pandemic, the Village is not looking for any new volunteers. For the complete list of items that they are accepting at this time, which includes monetary donations visit