FOND DU LAC, Wis. (WFRV) – Fond du Lac District Attorney Eric Toney announced that Jamie M. Wells was convicted of misdemeanor election fraud on Monday.

Wells illegally voted in the November 3, 2020, election. The investigation reflected that Wells never lived in the ward where she registered and voted.

The investigation also revealed that Wells did not live in Fond du Lac County, despite voting in Fond du Lac County.

She was convicted after using a P.O. Box address as her residential voting address on her voter registration form. It is illegal in Wisconsin to register to vote with an address that is not your residential address.

“The overwhelming majority of citizens that participate in our elections do so lawfully, but when the law is broken, we must seek accountability to protect the integrity of the electoral process,” said Toney. “All five P.O. Box cases in Fond du Lac County have been resolved with three convictions and two defendants that illegally registered to vote but did not vote receiving deferred prosecution agreements, which will result in the dismissal of those two cases.”

The voter registration forms in these cases were not listed with a P.O. Box on the forms but instead appeared to be an apartment or suite number, which would not have been flagged as an issue for election clerks.

During the sentencing, it was noted that the online voter registration process appears to have changed since these cases were filed. The online registration process now states, similar to registering in person, that a P.O. Box is not a residential address.

Summary of Fond du Lac County Election Fraud Cases

  • Donald Holz
    • Convicted of felony election fraud by a disqualified person
  • Lawrence Klug
    • Convicted of misdemeanor election fraud
  • Jamie M. Wells
    • Convicted of misdemeanor election fraud
  • Sam Wells
    • Convicted of misdemeanor election fraud
  • Jeffrey TeStroete
    • A misdemeanor deferred prosecution agreement entered into
  • Markeis D. Carter
    • A misdemeanor deferred prosecution agreement entered into
  • Anthony Van Egtern
    • Case remains open
  • Edward Malnar
    • Case remains open

No further information was provided.