APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) There’ve been more than 6100 COVID-19 related deaths in Wisconsin since the pandemic began and the fox valley is ramping up preparations now that officials have identified more cases of the new variant.

Fox cities COVID-19 vaccine clinic is reopening registration to the public and for some, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

“I’m actually going to Hawaii in two days,” says Carl Heinritz, “so this makes me feel a little better about traveling. It’s a little peace of mind.”

Wisconsin DHS has identified three more cases of the new COVID-19 variant and health officials say vaccination is critical to have some amount of defense.

Kurt Eggebrecht, Appleton Public Health Officer says, “you’re going to have a protection no matter what the new strains are, we just don’t know if it’ll be at a level of 95 percent or 92 percent. It’ll be like seasonal influenza that they’ll be some immunity that protects you against the new strains as well and we expect that to be the new case as well.”

However getting vaccines in arms is not easy for everyone.

Tom Nelson, Outagamie County Executive says, “In the tri-county area about 60,000 people do not have regular access to the internet.”

Appleton and Outagamie county are especially trying to reach out to those have internet access issues.

Nelson says, “This is a way that we’re going to have a broader reach and try to get as many people as possible as soon as possible as the vaccine allows to come in and get vaccinated.”

Natalie Vandeveld, Outagamie County Public Health Officer says, “We want to make sure that when we get vaccine we can respond setting up our clinic, getting people their appointments and getting them in the clinic to get their vaccine in their arm so that is our communication plan.”

A new vaccination center has been opened in Oshkosh on the UWO campus at the Culver Family Welcome Center.