Fox Crossing Officials Add New Restrictions to Duck Hunting Near Stroebe Island Amid Concern

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Fall on Stroebe Island sounds a little different this year than it has in years past.

Resident Kevin Redlin says he is often awoken in the early hours of the morning to the sounds of duck hunters.

“Every morning they’re hunting,” he said. “Six o’clock , right at daybreak, there’s guns going off.”

Up until September, duck hunting was prohibited on village property.

That changed when the DNR sided with duck hunters who wanted to hunt in the marshes that surround Stroebe Island, and pressed the village to lift its restrictions.

“Unless we came up with a less restrictive ordinance that made sense to the DNR as well as us, they would strike down our ordinance and then state law would be all that counted,” Village President Dale Youngquist explained to Local 5.

The new ordinance allowed hunting withe the exception of a few areas, but residents of surrounding neighborhoods like Stroebe Island found those restrictions too loose.

Several residents have reported homes and vehicles struck by birdshot fired by hunters.

Redlin says the birdshot incidents have lead to unease on the island.

“I have some people that just moved in next door to me that have pets that go in the back yard that they’re concerned to even let their pets out in the backyard,” he said.

Those safety concerns lead village leaders to reconsider the restricted zones, and in a meeting Monday night, they opted to expand restricted zones.

The newly restricted area is focused heavily on Stroebe Island, and will go into effect on Friday.

The Village of Fox Crossing will place signage around “Safe Zones” to notify hunters of the restrictions.

The new rules also forbid hunters from shooting toward residential areas.

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