FOX CROSSING, Wis. (WFRV) – Clearwater Paper Mill left Fox Crossing last year and took hundreds of local jobs with them but now the building’s new owner KK Integrated Logistics is bringing in new tenants and new jobs and village officials say they are happy to have the site occupied again.

George Dearborn, the Director of Community Development for the Village of Fox Crossing said, “It’s not going to be a mill anymore. But it’s still gonna be a good reuse [of the building]. We’re pleased to see that.”

In a press release, the building’s new owner said “The warehouse site is currently being renovated to accommodate a new tenant, Trilliant Food & Nutrition, that will take occupancy of the entire building April 1st. Areas of the mill site will be utilized as warehouse space and are expected to be ready in late 2022 after all the mill equipment is removed.”

Dearborn said, “Instead of having to go through the process of having a vacant building where we have to do a demolition or assist them with tax credits or something else it’s gonna continue on, which is a positive for everybody.”

The new ownership is considering making part of the site more than just a place of work saying, “A feasibility study is being done to determine if converting the building to apartments, with indoor parking, a rooftop outdoor area, and numerous amenities is worthwhile.”

The village said while utilizing the space as a warehouse will not bring as many jobs back as before they are pleased to see the space turned around.