ADDISON, Illi. (WFRV) – A Fox Valley competition BBQ team took home top honors at the Famous Dave’s All-Star BBQ Series in Illinois over the weekend.

The event was held in the City of Addison, where Oshkosh-based B.S. Barbecue nearly swept the weekend, earning the title of Grand Champion.

B.S. Barbecue earned first place for its chicken with a score of 96.75, first place for its wildcard with a score of 98.375, and second place for its ribs with a score of 96.625. B.S. Barbecue’s overall score was 97.25, beating out Redbone BBQ by 1.5 points.

The team is made up of five brothers, cousins, and sons, none of which have professional experience in the culinary world. By winning Grand Champion, the team won just under $2,500 as well as a golden ticket to the World Food Championships, set to take place in Dallas, Texas, later this year.

Local 5 News caught up with Chris Brueggeman of B.S. Barbque to talk a little bit more about the weekend results.

“We put a lot of love into it,” said Brueggeman over a Zoom. “This is our ten-year anniversary, and it’s all about family for us. My cousin’s doing it along with my brother, my nephew, and my son-in-law, so we had all the family there.”

B.S. Barbeque’s wildcard was a cheesecake dessert that really impressed the judges.

“It is a family recipe that has been handed down on the cheesecake, along with the caramel drizzle,” said Brueggeman. “We add a little whiskey to that caramel drizzle, and that really put us over the top this past weekend.”

B.S. Barbeque will now compete in the World Food Championships, but what they’ll be serving up isn’t known yet.

In order to keep competitors on their toes, the World Food Championships does not tell its competitors what they’ll be making until August. After the announcement, teams have the opportunity to try new creations ahead of the November tournament before it’s officially judged.

“Once we know that, we’ll see what we can do,” added Brueggeman. “We’ll try different recipes, different techniques, and see if we can put us over the edge again down at in Dallas come November.”

To stay up to date with B.S. Barbeque, you can follow its Facebook page, as they’ll continue providing updates on events they compete in.