FOX VALLEY, Wis. (WFRV) – Staying up until midnight or going to a bar during a Covid surge to bring in this New Year is not for everyone.

Field and Fire in Greenville is offering an already sold-out private dinner for those who want to be home before the ball drops.

Jordan Hereford, a Partner at Field and Fire said, “I think the age group of the clientele that dines with us on New Year’s Eve doesn’t stay out until midnight. So what we like to do is give them an opportunity to congregate with their friends and families and get out at a reasonable time.”

The owners said their private event allows people to have a guaranteed seat on a busy holiday.

Ryan Sherman, a Partner and the Chef at Field and Fire said, “You walk in the door and sit down and it’s just relaxing and free-flowing for the guests.”

Sabre Bowling Center is offering two celebrations, one for kids and one later in the night for adults who can stay up.

Daniel Patterson, the owner said, “Two different packages. One is the family one from one until three o’clock. It’s gonna be so much fun. Parents and all the kids are welcome. For adults it’s from 9 pm until 1 am so it’s four hours but we make sure everyone’s having fun the entire time.”

After a year off from New Year’s celebrations, Sabre employees are gearing up to welcome guests back to ring in 2022.

“A lot of it is just creating the energy and doing social media doing announcements while we’re in here and getting the word out on Facebook,” said Patterson.

He said they are decorating and getting food and raffle prizes together for the big night.