APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – Local Starbucks workers are celebrating after recently winning a union election. The Appleton location is now the third location to do so in Wisconsin.

According to a release, Starbucks workers from the Northland Ave. location in Appleton gathered on Thursday, June 16, to watch the National Labor Relations Board count their ballots in a union representation election.

The local baristas petitioned the board for the election back on April 8, 2022. Now, officials said they won on Thursday, with a victory of 10 to seven.

Overall, these baristas are the fourth in Wisconsin to join the Starbucks Workers United movement. A labor union member said the other two locations fully unioned are in Milwaukee and Plover.

They explained over two hundred Starbucks locations across America have filed for elections to be represented by Workers United. In those, over 160 stores have won representation so far.

The union shared a part of the Fox Valley baristas’ initial letter to local management and CEO Howard Schult. It read:

Starbucks workers at the Northland Ave. location in Appleton smile after winning union election. (June 16, 2022)

We use the term partners within the company with great conviction. We work together towards the same goal, we share the same struggles and we understand one another at our store, and within our community. However, the word partner has lost its meaning in the context of our relationship to corporate. Since last year we have dealt with unsafe working conditions, dismissive attitudes from management, and a work-life balance incompatible with human happiness and wellbeing. Throughout all of this, we are drastically undercompensated for our labor.

Starbucks workers at Northland Ave. location in Appleton

As workers in Appleton celebrate their victory, Workers United said more Starbucks workers across the state are continuing to organize and stand up for better wages, improved benefits, and democracy at work. To find more information about the movement, click here.