(WFRV) – Froedtert Health and ThedaCare have signed a letter of intent to come together as one organization to advance local health care for patients throughout Wisconsin.

Announced on Tuesday, Froedtert and ThedaCare are making this move to improve health and the delivery of health care to its patients.

“Both of our organizations have deep, long-standing ties in the communities we serve. Our Wisconsin roots have been instrumental in building creative solutions to meet our communities’ health needs,” said Cathy Jacobson, President and CEO of Froedtert Health.

The combined organization will further their current work together to close care gaps, recruit and retain talent, develop innovations to meet patient needs, and advance their respective legacies of clinical excellence and community focus.

“ThedaCare and Froedtert Health have a commitment to the people of Wisconsin,” said Imran A. Andrabi, MD, FAAFM, ThedaCare President and CEO. “We are alike in many ways, and our leaders and our boards have long been asking how we can accelerate our work to make a positive and lasting impact on our state.”

The combined organization will help the people of Wisconsin live their unique, best lives by providing seamless access to comprehensive, high-quality care when people are sick or injured.

Following the launch of the combined health system, Froedtert Health President and CEO Cathy Jacobson will initially assume the role of CEO, and ThedaCare President and CEO Imran A. Andrabi, MD, FAAFM, will serve as President.

After a six-month transition period following the launch of the combined health system, Cathy will retire from the organization with a legacy of steadfast and thoughtful leadership. Upon Cathy’s retirement, Dr. Andrabi will assume the role of President and CEO of the combined organization, leveraging more than 30 years of medical, operational, and strategic expertise and innovative leadership.

Over the next several months, Froedtert Health and ThedaCare will work toward refining the details of a definitive agreement, which will further outline the commitments of the combined health system.

The two organizations plan to launch the combined healthcare system by the end of 2023.