(WFRV) – A homemade driver’s seat, leaving boats on the side of highways and someone intentionally ramming their car into City Hall over a citation were just some of the many obscure incidents on Wisconsin roadways in 2021.

Below are some of the more notable and obscure events to happen on Wisconsin roadways in 2021.

Wisconsin driver has no seats in car, pulled over

Back in March, A Wisconsin State Patrol Trooper pulled over a pickup truck and noticed that the vehicle did not have any seats. The driver of the vehicle was seating on a camping chair.

Photo courtesy of Wisconsin State Patrol

This incident happened in the North Central Region of Wisconsin.

Owl flies into truck’s open window while driving, Winnebago deputies assist

In May, an owl flew into a man’s truck while it was moving and landed on the driver’s neck before rolling into the back seat. Authorities said that the window was partially open and the owl hit the top of the door frame and flew into the window.

Winnebago deputies named the owl ‘Owlfred’ and was later turned over to Wildlife of Wisconsin by a Wisconsin State Patrol Trooper.

This owl flew into the truck on Lakeview Road which is in the Town of Winchester.

Sleepy Speeder: Driver in Wisconsin gives unique reason for driving 118 mph

In July a motorist was pulled over for driving well over 100 mph and gave authorities a peculiar reason for their reason as to why.

What was that reason? They were feeling ‘sleepy’.

The Wisconsin State Patrol said the driver was stopped for speeding and was cited going 118 mph in a posted 70 mph zone.

Photo courtesy of WI State Patrol

Authorities wanted to remind drivers that those who are feeling tired should take a break and find a safe spot to nap.

Bridge in Brookfield suffers damage after truck gets lodged underneath

During August a truck got lodged under a bridge in southern Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin State Patrol helped the Brookfield Police Department with the post-crash inspection.

A bridge inspector deemed the bridge safe for travel following the incident.

Semi driver falls asleep, hits house & parked car, ends up in a front yard in Waupun

In September a local Waupun resident saw an unfamiliar scene when they looked outside their door, a semi-truck in their front yard pinning a parked car against their door.

The Waupun Police Department and the Wisconsin State Patrol investigated a crash that was the result of a semi-truck driver falling asleep and hitting a parked car and a house.

  • Semi driver falls asleep, hits house & parked car, ends up in a front yard in Waupun
  • Semi driver falls asleep, hits house & parked car, ends up in a front yard in Waupun
  • Semi driver falls asleep, hits house & parked car, ends up in a front yard in Waupun

Authorities did say that luckily no one was injured, but they wanted to use this as an example of why driving while drowsy is not safe.

‘Ale’ccident: Semi tips over in western Wisconsin, spill beer into roadway

In October a semi-truck that was carrying beer, rolled over and spilled most of its contents onto the roadway and ditch.

The semi appeared to be carrying cans of Leinenkugel’s beer. It is hard to tell from the picture, but based on the red color of the packaging, it likely could have been their seasonal Hofbrau Collaboration Lager.

This incident happened in Hixton, Wisconsin which is in Jackson County.

Two weeks in a row where a boat was left on the side of a Wisconsin highway

There were two separate incidents involving boats getting left on the side of the highway that happened one week apart.

Both incidents happened in October, and the first one was seen by the Wisconsin State Patrol on WIS 33. A boat that had ‘FREE’ spray-painted on the side of it.

The second incident happened a week later when authorities saw a boat along I-39/90 in Dane County. The boat was reportedly not secured properly.

There were no reported injuries for either incident.

Driver in Wisconsin tries to bring ice shack on the water, arrested for OWI

Another unique incident that happened in October, a driver tried to get a head start on ice fishing but ended up putting his truck and ice shack in the water.

The Barron County Sheriff’s Office said that someone really wanted to bring his ice shack onto the ‘ice’, but ended up getting an OWI instead.

  • Driver in Wisconsin tries to bring ice shack on water, arrested for OWI

At the time this incident happened, frost had made an appearance, but authorities said people should not try to bring their shack onto the water.

Barron County is about three and a half hours northwest of Green Bay.

330 gallons of motor oil spill onto Wisconsin highway after ‘homemade’ trailer blows tire

Back in November, a highway in Wisconsin was covered in motor oil after a homemade trailer blew a tire.

The Wisconsin State Patrol said the incident happened on the I-94 ramp to WIS 37 in Eau Claire County. The driver reportedly unhooked the trailer and left the scene before authorities arrived.

However, the driver was later located. The ramp was shut down for multiple hours while crews cleaned up the spill.

Wisconsin man upset over citation, intentionally drives car into City Hall

Also in November, a man from northwest Wisconsin decided that the best way to show his frustration over a citation was to ram his car into City Hall.

The Cumberland Police Department said that around 3 a.m. the Cumberland City Hall building was hit by a vehicle that caused extensive property damage.

A 38-year-old man later confirmed that he hit the building on purpose. He was apparently upset over a citation that was issued to his family member.

The City Hall was closed at the time of the incident, but the Cumberland Police Department is located in the same building. An on-duty officer was reportedly sitting inside the building about twenty feet from where the vehicle entered the building.

Cumberland is about 3 hours and 45 minutes west of Green Bay.