(WFRV) – There are several ways to drink a margarita around the world – frozen or on the rocks, Casamigos or Patrón, strawberry or lime. Here in Wisconsin, is your favorite preference the one usually wanted around the state?

Recently, a study by Shane Company surveyed more than 2,600 American drinkers over the age of 21 to find the nation’s collective margarita preferences.

Other data it collected was how many margaritas it took for residents in each state to get tipsy, the cost of getting tipsy off margaritas, and how much Americans spend on margaritas each year.

Throughout the survey, the company reports it found the most popular combination of a margarita was a classic with Patrón tequila, on the rocks, with a sea salt rim. 

The second most popular among all states was the same combination but with Jose Cuervo instead of Patrón.

For Wisconsin, specifically, they take their margaritas with strawberry flavor and Jose Cuervo, on the rocks, with salt on the rim.

How much does it take for Wisconsinites to get tipsy?

According to the survey, it found, on average, it takes Americans 2.55 margaritas to get tipsy, but drinkers in Wisconsin, Florida, and Oklahoma tip the scale.

For Oklahoma, the chart shows it takes 3.08 margaritas to get that buzz, and in Florida, it likely takes 3.14. Now, in Wisconsin, we beat them out of the water by needing 3.20 margaritas to get tipsy.

On the lower end is Connecticut, which only needs 1.97.  

The cost that comes with wanting the buzz

When American drinkers were asked, “What is the most you’d be willing to pay for a margarita at a restaurant?” The survey found the average response was $10.97.

The data Shane Company compiled for this category includes the average margaritas each resident would need to get tipsy and the average price they were willing to pay for one margarita.

Margarita drinkers in Wisconsin and Florida have the highest tolerance so naturally, their costs of getting tipsy off margs are the highest — $35.10 and $34.42, respectively.

Shane Company

Connecticut and Nebraska show residents can catch a buzz for the low price of $21.60 and $22.81.

How much money is spent in a year?

According to survey responses, the average American drinks 30.18 margaritas each year.

“At an average price of $10.97, that means Americans are spending an average of $331.07 on margaritas each year,” the survey stated.

Other findings include Americans need 3.03 margaritas for enough liquid courage to dance in public. Do you need that much?