In 2013, then three-year-old Morgan Frain suffered a heart attack while visiting Lambeau Field with her family.

“Morgan suddenly collapsed,” Susan Frain, Morgan’s mother, told Local Five. “She was three so we thought well maybe she’s throwing a tantrum…but when my husband turned her over, she was blue.”

Susan started giving her daughter CPR, and Packers security brought an AED to the scene. 

“It shocked her and then she started breathing and crying and everything was well,” Susan said.

Morgan went to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with a genetic heart disorder.

Her parents say that if it were not for the AED, Morgan would not have survived that day in 2013.

But thanks to the availability of that piece of equipment, Morgan is now nine years old, and she and her parents have been working for the past six years to bring the tool that saved her life to schools across the Green Bay area.

The fundraiser is called the “Frozen Winter Carnival,” and it was held Sunday at Stadium View Bar and Grill in Ashwaubenon.

The event features a silent auction, carnival games, a DJ and AED and CPR training.

Tracie Haugen is the  Project ADAM Coordinator for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

She told Local Five that the goal is to help area schools attain a “Heart Safe School” Designation, which means having an AED on school property, as well as doing CPR and AED training.

“Having AEDs and knowing how to use them and being trained in CPR not only protects the children that are in schools, but also the staff and all of the visitors that schools see every day,” Haugen said.

As of this story, only two schools in the Green Bay area are designated as “Heart Safe Schools,” Notre Dame Elementary and Middle School in De Pere.