GB Police Chief Denies Claim of Low Morale at Department

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In an interview with WTCH Radio last week, Shawano County Sheriff Adam Bieber was asked if morale was low at his station – to which he said it wasn’t an issue. He then shifted the focus on the Green Bay Police Department. 

“When you have low morale in your department, that means your officers don’t go out and do traffic stops,” Bieber said. “You’ll hear about that in Green Bay right now. They’re refusing to do traffic stops right now because they’re always fighting with administration.”

On Local 5 This Morning, Green Bay Police Chief Andrew Smith was quick to react. 

“He’s just wrong,” Smith said. “We do about 8,000 traffic stops a year. Some years a little bit more, some years a little bit less. This year we’re on track to do about 115 fewer stops than last year. Any statistician will tell you that’s an insignificant number.”

Smith then addressed the comment about internal issues.

“We’ve had what some people have told me is a cultural change here,” he said. “We are doing police work a little bit differently than we used to do it. I would argue, and I think anyone would argue, that we are doing a better job than we ever have before.”

Smith attributed overall crime being down to 12%, and the department currently being down 14 officers.

Check out other topics he discussed during his Community Update with Brittany Falkers and Nate Stewart on Local 5 This Morning in the video above. 

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