GBPD: Parking, boating reminders for 4th of July

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) — The Green Bay Police Department is giving the community a heads up about parking and boating ahead of 4th of July festivities.

The Parking Utility says they want to provide ample parking Thursday.

Officials are encouraging drivers to use city parking ramps and/or street parking when attending events in the city on the 4th. There will be free parking in all City-owned parking facilities on the holiday only.

For locations of area parking ramps, click here.

The GBPD Marine Unit is also hoping to remind boaters to be safe, know the navigational rules, and be courteous of other boaters. They say this is especially important when it comes to the “Right of Way” and the posted “No Wake” zones.

Officials say unnecessary wake can create hazards to other boaters, docks, moored vessels, construction and dredging equipment, wildlife, and those on the shore.

The Marine Unit says they will patrol the Fox River throughout the holiday and all weekends to ensure compliance.

Below is a photo showing the designated areas of “no wake.”

Boaters are also reminded about the mooring rules for the 4th.

City Deck will have a designated “No Parking” areas for the Waterboard Warriors Ski Show. Other portions of City Deck will be available for mooring. After the ski show, the entire deck will be open.

During the fireworks show, there will be an established “safety zone” where no boats will be allowed. The Marine Unit and the U.S. Coast Guard will be enforcing this zone.

Officials say boaters will not be able to anchor anywhere on the river from the Main Street bridge to the north to the East River.

Here is the city ordinance for docking along city property:

(1) No person shall dock any boat or other vessel at any City-owned property abutting any body of water within the corporate limits of the City except in conformity with regulations regarding docking at facilities created for such purpose or, where such facilities do not exist, by permit issued by the Director of Public Works or his designee.

Green Bay Police Department

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