GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Georgia Pacific announced an over $500 million investment into their Broadway Paper Mill in Green Bay.

Mike Kawleski, a Public Affairs Manager for Georgia Pacific said, “The Green Bay Broadway Mill for a brand new paper machine, associated and paper converting lines.”

The additional machine will create 150 permanent manufacturing jobs and bring in construction labor to create the new mill.

“That will be anything from hourly technicians on the floor operating the paper machines and converting lines to engineers that will also be on the crews,” said Kawleski.

Green Bay officials say this is a positive for the Green Bay economy and workforce.

“This is a huge win for Northeast Wisconsin and certainly a huge win for the state of Wisconsin but most importantly congratulations to all those employees,” said Troy Streckenbach, the Brown County Executive.

Experts explain Georgia Pacific had to pick a community with a strong workforce for this investment.

“This announcement certainly speaks volumes towards Georgia Pacific’s recognition of the importance of Northeast Wisconsin and the Greater Green Bay Area. There’s no way that Georgia Pacific or any company for that matter would have made this type of investment if they weren’t confident that the workforce needs could be met,” said Matt Valiquette, the Executive Director, Bay Area Workforce Development Board.

Georgia Pacific says they are offering competitive wages and benefits in a time where many manufactures are having a difficult time filling jobs.

“We feel that anyone coming to Georgia Pacific has a long-term role with the company and can advance very very steadily because we have lots of opportunities here,” added Kawleski.