GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) — With the school year just a week away for some of our area’s largest districts, pediatricians say now is the best time to get kids back into a healthy eating routine for school.

“Back-to-school nutrition is really important because they need a lot more energy than we do as adults,” said Camila Martin with UW-Health.

In fact, Martin says there is one common mistake many of us make no matter our age.

“Start with a good breakfast. This is an old tried and true method that we have all heard from our parents growing up, our grandparents, and everyone in-between,” added Martin.

That first meal helps kickstart our day. For kids, that’s especially important because of the brain benefits alone.

“We’ve had studies that specifically link breakfast consumption with higher test scores because it helps the brain be able to focus on certain tasks like memory recall, word recall, reaction time, and just overall attention,” said Martin.

The next one can be a little tougher to crack coming off a summer of fun, but pediatricians say the sooner you can dump sugar-sweetened drinks, the better.

“Soda is the first one that pops to mind, but it can even be juice,” Martin said. “There’s a decent amount of sugar in there even though there are some good vitamins.”

Martin also suggests kids get a snack or time, but being consistent and when it happens is key.

“Snack when we get home so we can focus on school work is really important, otherwise if school allows snacks in-between that can be really helpful if we’re getting hungry so we can stay focused on those later classes,” Martin suggested.

Sleep is also just as vital. Kids between the ages of six and 12 should be getting at least nine hours of sleep a night. For teens, getting at least eight is best.