The world is a much different place these days requiring law enforcement to adapt the ways it fights crime.  So, this week officers from across the world came to Northeast Wisconsin to learn new skills from their U.S. counterparts.

In a theater at UW-Green Bay officers from across the globe gather to learn the latest crime fighting practices here in the United States.

This is a gathering of the International Police Association, a 67-year-old organization with members in 65 countries.  Like this officer from Iceland who is here for a week learning new police tactics and techniques.

“I can take the knowledge back home and show it to my coworkers – this is how they do it,” said the officer.

And this policeman from Denmark is anxious to hear and share his ideas.

“It’s the same problems, just different solutions,” said Kasper Guldager.

“We’re hosting 54 officers from 29 different countries,” said Joe Johnson of the De Pere Police Department.

Johnson is the IPA’s region president in Wisconsin.  The theme of this gathering is policing in an ever changing world.

“Every day we turn on the TV and see another terrorist attack, we see another officer ambushed, it doesn’t just affect us here in the United States. It’s affecting many officers in countries, many of which are represented here today,” Johnson said.

Today these officers are learning how drones are used by police.  Earlier this week it was firearms training at Fox Valley Technical College. Friday, they will take part in active shooter exercises in De Pere.

“It’s important to give them something they can bring back to their home country, to allow them to do their job more safely, as well as more efficiently,” Johnson said.

It’s education and fellowship for this global family of the Thin Blue Line – exchanging ideas here in Northeast Wisconsin.