(WFRV) – Governor Tony Evers has granted 49 pardons bringing the total pardons granted to 498.

The Office of the Governor shared Friday that to date, Gov. Evers has granted more pardons during his first three years in office than any other governor.

“There is power in redemption and forgiveness, especially for folks who’ve been working to move beyond their past mistakes to be productive, positive members of their communities,” said Gov. Evers. “I’m grateful for being able to give a second chance to these individuals who’ve worked hard to do just that.”

Among the 49 people that were pardoned, nine of those individuals continue to reside in Northeast Wisconsin. Those individuals include:

  • Eric Asmus– Asmus was 20 years old when he entered his local high school’s construction site and stole tools and vandalized the property with a group of friends. About a year later, the group broke into a liquor store to steal beer and a concession stand to steal candy. Now 20 years later, he resides in Fond du Lac with his family. 
  • Jerome Getchell– Getchell was 18 years old when he and two friends committed a string of burglaries, taking miscellaneous home goods, firearms, and other valuables. Three decades later, he now resides in Berlin and works in the trucking industry. 
  • Daniel Moeller– Moeller was 18 years old when he and a friend broke into a bar to steal liquor and cash. Over three decades later, he now resides in New London and has maintained steady employment working as a millwright. 
  • Travis Nelson- Nelson was 18 years old when he sold marijuana to a confidential informant. He now resides in Denmark with his family and founded his own trucking business over 13 years ago. 
  • Lawrence Riche– Riche was 20 years old when officers found marijuana in his residence, and several years later, he was again found with marijuana, controlled substances, and firearms. Now 40 years later, he resides in Menomonee Falls, has remained sober, and has maintained long-term employment as a steamfitter. 
  • Daniel Schmidt– Schmidt was 17 years old when, almost 30 years ago, he ran away from home, forged two checks, and cashed them at a gas station. He now resides in Winneconne, where he actively volunteers in his community.
  • James Sterner- Sterner was 18 years old when he failed to pull over for an officer who recognized his car as unregistered. Now 25 years later, he resides in Ripon, volunteers locally, and works in utilities.
  • Catherine Tease- Tease was 19 years old when she worked at a shoe store and falsified refunds for herself. Nearly four decades later, she now resides in Manitowoc working as a health and well-being educator at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, Manitowoc Campus.
  • Joshua Webb- Webb was 18 years old when he broke into a dog daycare center with friends and stole cash. Several weeks later, he and his friends broke into a used car dealership, taking money, candy, and soda. He now resides in Pulaski and works as a team supervisor for a keg company.

For the full list of pardons granted, click here.