GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) — Governor Tony Evers visited Green Bay on Tuesday to talk more about a special session to discuss gun control measures.

The special sessions means the state legislature will have to at least convene a session to discuss the bills. Republican lawmakers have said they will not pass the bills.

The measures deal with universal background checks and red flag laws.

During his time at City Hall, the link between mental health and mass shootings was brought up but Gov. Evers says there is no direct correlation between the two.

“There’s an issue in the state of Wisconsin and the nation that goes beyond mental health issues. Do I support mental health services? Absolutely. Do I support having the state kick in money to make sure that we treat people with mental health issues? Yes. But it is a myth to suggest that that is going to solve this problem.”

Gov. Evers was joined by Mayor Eric Genrich and Kejuan Goldsmith, UW-Green Bay freshman. Goldsmith shared Gov. Evers’ frustration – over what he says is a lack of action by lawmakers.

“It’s crazy that some legislators can’t see why this is an issue – how some politicians can’t be bipartisan on an issue that is so fundamentally bipartisan in nature. It affects people regardless of party,” says Goldsmith.

A Marquette Law School poll that came out last month showed 80% of voters are in favor of background checks and 81% support red flag laws.

Earlier Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said he plans to convene and then immediately adjourn the special session – and he’ll do it without debating or voting on the proposals.

Fitzgerald says, “The support’s not there to tackle these two issues.”

Read more about Fitzgerald’s statement here.

The special session is scheduled to take place on November 7, despite opposition from Republicans.