Gov. Evers visits Green Bay to discuss Department of Health Services budget proposal

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Governor Tony Evers made a stop in Green Bay to present the Department of Health Services budget proposal. 

DHS Secretary-Designee Andrea Palm and Evers discussed the need for Wisconsin to take part in the Medicaid expansion. In the recent Marquette Law School Poll, 70% say the state should accept federal funds to expand Medicaid coverage, while 23% opposed.

The coverage would give an additional 82,000 Wisconsinites access to affordable and accessible healthcare if the state would agree to accept the funds.

By accepting it, the state would save $300 million that would then be used in other parts of healthcare like mental health, infant mortality, maternal healthcare, tackling the opioid epidemic and dental care access. 

Gov. Evers commented saying; 

“I just can’t believe that in this day in age that they will tell 70% of people that really want something that’s important to their lives, that the answer is no.”

Other programs Evers and Palm discussed were assisting healthcare providers and making sure institutions that serve people are compensated correctly. 

37 other states have expanded Medicaid. 

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