Friday Governor Scott Walker went on a statewide tour making his case on why building a high-tech ten billion dollar factory in the Badger state will transform Wisconsin into the next Silicon Valley.

The Governor believes the state is ready for the massive high tech Foxconn factory,  with what he says will have state of the art technology.
Walker says he has no doubt the company will move Wisconsin forward. Saying, “This move is a transformation, this is one of those once in a lifetime once in a century type of opportunities; for this state to get it right to put us on the map, to make an impact not just around the country but really around the world.”

On Wednesday the announcement of Foxconn- a huge Taiwanese company that makes flat panel displays was made, this will be the company’s first plant in the Badger state, Governor Scott Walker, addressed a crowd at the Appleton airport about why he believes this company can move Wisconsin forward.

Walker says, “This is going to be transformational. It’s going to draw more talent in from across the country and around the world, and it’s going to be one more reason why our students, our graduate students are going to want to stay and prosper in the state of Wisconsin.”

Ths is not Foxconn’s first attempt at building in the states, back in 2013 the company proposed a plant in  Pennsylvania, saying   they would invest 30 million dollars and hire close to 500 workers for a smaller scaled version of the one being proposed now, but that never happened, something the governor says will not be the case in this state.

Walker says, “unlike some of those other states they didn’t put conditions in, but we have clawback provisions, so even 15 years from now they go to keep the jobs and investment here, and in the short term to get any of the money they got to meet the objective.”

The deal isn’t done yet, terms of the agreement still need to be finalized, which calls for a special legislative session to approve three billion dollars in state incentives.

The governor says, “For them [Foxconn] to get the full three billion dollars as we proposed they’ll have to meet or exceed the ten billion dollar investment and the 13,000 direct jobs.

These terms are something the governor believes the company will have no problem doing, saying, “People are realizing we made it we’re for real we called this project before it was announced  publicly, the flying eagle, well the eagle has landed and the world now knows how great Wisconsin is.”

Friday, Governor Scott Walker called a special session of the Wisconsin state Legislature to consider legislations that would bring Foxconn to the state