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Governor-Elect Tony Evers Prepares for First Week in Office

MADISON, Wis. (WFRV) - Governor-Elect Tony Evers has laid out his plans for his first week in office.

Evers says he wants to tour the Lincoln Hills Youth Prison in Lincoln County, which is scheduled to close in 2021 following allegations of child neglect and abuse. He also wants to begin working on a state budget that will include a $1.4 increase for public schools.

Evers is also considering criminalizing first offense drunken driving. This comes after the tragic death of a Lake Mills firefighter, who was hit by a drunk driver after he got out of his vehicle to help someone in an accident. Drunk driving is also the number one contributing cause of fatal crashes in Wisconsin.

We have to change. There's obviously a cultural thing in this state that we have to work on but we have to find ways to make that first offense more meaningful to the offenders so they don't offend again or don't offend the first time. Whether that's making it a felony or not, I'm not sure. There might be some in-between places we can be, but clearly we need to send a message to the people of Wisconsin. 

Evers will be sworn in as governor on Monday, January 7 in Madison.

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