GREEN BAY, WIS. (WFRV) – Temperatures are rising, which means the risk of grass and wildfires is on the rise as well.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is encouraging Wisconsinites to be mindful of the danger warmer temperatures can bring.  

“Yeah, grass fires are definitely considered dangerous,” stated Garrett Lubbers, Forest Ranger, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.  

Hot, dry, windy weather is the perfect condition for wildfires. More than 20 Wisconsin counties are under extreme fire warnings, many in our viewing area. Lubbers says grass fires can spread in the blink of an eye. 

“Just from the factor of they can move really fast throughout the landscape, especially once we get into periods of dryer windier conditions,” explained Lubbers. 
Lubbers says now is not the time for campfires or burning vegetation or anything else for that matter.  

“Avoid burning, if possible; if you do, make sure you’re doing it at night when the relative humidities have increased, the winds have decreased, and then the temperatures generally decrease as well,” said Lubbers. 

The DNR (Department of Natural Resources) wants you to be able to enjoy the great outdoors but be mindful of the dangerous conditions. Lubbers says safety is their top priority. 

“Safety is the number one thing that we try and educate the public on, especially when it comes to spring fire season in Wisconsin, you know, have water available, call 911 if there is a wildfire that does occur to try and get fire departments and resources out there as fast as possible,” stated Lubbers.

The warnings are set to expire at 8 p.m. on April 12.