GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) — On Monday, Green Bay students returned to in-person learning.

Tuesday afternoon, Brianna Lee picked up her son from his second day of 4K.

“Pick up and drop off is smooth, the kids are excited to be around other kids, finally, and the teachers are really great at organizing everything,” Lee told Local 5.

She said that being able to send her student to in-person school is a relief.

“It was really hard at the beginning,” she said. “I mean, these kids are so young and they’re on the computer, and they all want to talk at once and they’re excited. So I think it’s nice for them to be able to get into a classroom and off a screen.”

The relief of being back in-person is felt by students across the district.

“The energy on campus is definitely different from the energy in a Zoom meeting,” Jen Agamaite, Principal at John Dewey Academy said.

She explained that a change like this one comes with its challenges.

“We’ve been home for the past year almost,” she said, “students have developed their own schedules. They’ve had a lot of flexibility in when and how they’re learning, so the transition to campus can be challenging.”

The challenges are something Agamaite says they’ve prepared for.

“Our staff have been really aware of that and working with students to make sure the transition is smooth and helping them overcome some of the roadblocks that might be in their way,” she explained.

One of the adjustments is coronavirus precautions, like masking.

“I think the kids are fine with wearing a mask because they’ve been taught to wear the mask while they’re out in public, so they’re used to it now,” Lee said.