(WFRV) – The Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project (GLSRP) updated their current Great Lakes Drowning Statistics right before Labor Day Weekend.

There have been 73 reported Great Lakes drownings in 2021, divided up amongst the five Great Lakes.

  • 73 total drownings (+3 unknown final outcomes) in 2021
    • 33 (+1) in Lake Michigan
    • 2 in Lake Superior
    • 11 in Lake Huron
    • 17 (+2) in Lake Erie
    • 10 in Lake Ontario

“We don’t want your family fun day at the beach to turn into a tragedy. Please be water safety hypervigilant this weekend,” said Dave Benjamin GLSRP Executive Director.

The GLSRP also provided some basic water safety tips for beachgoers:

  • Swim near a lifeguard
  • Know the signs of drowning
  • Know the ‘Flip, Float and Follow’ drowning survival strategy
  • Always designate a Water Watcher
  • Weather can change fast. Know the forecast. Know the Great Lakes dangerous currents
  • Bring lifejackets to the beach. When in doubt, wear them. If ther’s an emergency, wear them.
  • Would-be rescuers often become drowning victims – Reach. Throw. Don’t go. Call 911. And mark the last seen point above water.
  • If you go, bring something with you that floats. you will likely need it for yourself.
  • Know where the rescue equipment is located

There have been 1,019 Great Lakes drownings since 2010. The GLSRP posted its Great Lakes Dangerous Currents explainer video on their YouTube channel.

More information can be found on GLSRP’s website.