GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Morning thunderstorms did not stop volunteers with Greater Green Bay Habitat for Humanity from getting their hands dirty and working on a new project for a deserving family. With restrictions lifted, there are now more hands on deck, ready to work for a good cause.

Construction equipment is moving on the latest project on Mitchell street. “We haven’t been able to have general construction volunteers on a build site for the last 12-months because of the pandemic,” said Andrea Jorgensen, Marketing and Communications Manager for Habitat. Jorgensen says during that time, an experienced crew continued the mission of building homes for families in need. “Just recently we’ve been able to open up to the general community for volunteers and open up our job sites for general construction volunteers,” said Jorgensen.

The great thing about this is that you are not required to have the experience to volunteer. “This is day one for Habitat for Humanity, I’ve done other volunteer events but for us as a company we’ve been locked down and remote since Friday the 13th,” said Jenny Herlache, who volunteered along with a few other colleagues. They worked alongside professionals who’ve made a career in construction. “I was hoping to give back to the community,” said Tony Brice, another volunteer. Brice, a retired contractor, has been with Habitat for about a year. “I thought this way here, I could help out with the God-given gifts that were given to me,” said Brice.

Since Habitat homes are a hand up, not a hand out, families also volunteer on their home build and other construction projects for the future. The current project on Mitchell street is expected to be completed in the next four months and will go to a single mother with two children. If you want more information on Greater Green Bay Habitat for Humanity, visit their website. By the way, there are a number of ways to volunteer that don’t include working on a construction site.