HOWARD, Wis. (WFRV) – A Green Bay nonprofit organization is ensuring no garden produce goes to waste.

Rooted In gleans community gardens and donates the produce to food pantries. Gleaning is to save leftover produce from gardens to be used for food or compost. Founded by Selena Darrow, she knows firsthand the struggle of food insecurity.

“I relied on a lot of social service programs to get me to where I am today. I’ve always been interested and concerned about food insecurity in our community,” Darrow says.

Since the organization’s inception in July, Rooted In has donated 1,200 pounds of food with the hopes of doubling that total by the end of the year.

Darrow says, “I believe food is a basic right. We all have a right to shelter and food. Unfortunately, there’s so much food that goes to waste in this country, and by doing something simply like this, it’s just a small step toward making sure that we can all eat.”

The organization has also partnered with Jackson Elementary School to create a seed-to-table program where students learn how to take care of their school garden.