GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – With the November Election next Tuesday, voters in Green Bay will have the chance to choose if the Green Bay Area Public School District (GBAPS) should borrow funds to improve district facilities.

Some of those district facilities are joked about by opposing teams. “They make jokes about our facilities,” said Preble Girls Soccer Head Coach Katie Vande Castle.

The Preble Boys Soccer Team made the playoffs this year, but couldn’t even host a home game as the team’s field is not WIAA compliant.

Multiple players and coaches, everytime they come here, their first question is always… ‘when are you getting turf. This is awful.’

Chris Becker, Preble Boys Soccer Head Coach

A proposed referendum that will be on the upcoming election ballot, could bring some much-needed improvements.

The referendum in question would allow GBAPS to borrow no more than $92,605,000 for the public purpose of paying the cost of a school facility improvement project.

One question prospective voters may ask is: ‘How will this affect my taxes and the mill rate?’

Officials with GBAPS say that even with borrowing the money, the city’s mill rate would be lower. The district has already paid off its 2017 referendum, allowing them to borrow the money without increasing the mill rate.

According to GBAPS, the district would be able to borrow $92.6 million and lower the mill rate to $8.24, the lowest mill rate since 1984. The current mill rate is $9.03.

The Brown County Taxpayers Association told Local 5 it has not yet taken a position at this time.

Green Bay West Athletic Director Jon Tomaszewski said that actions will speak louder than words when it comes to something like this.

Our kids, I know they say: ‘We don’t get those nice things because we are kids at West.’

It’s tough because you can sit there and tell them: ‘No, we appreciate you guys a lot and we understand the difficulties you are going through.’

The actions speak louder than words when it comes to something like this.


“If turf is here, people can use this year-round. Our student-athletes deserve to be proud of the field they are walking on, as well as the field they are representing,” mentioned Eric Urben, Preble Soccer Booster Club President.

Below are some of the enhancements that will be made if the referendum passes:

Green Bay East High School

  • Locker room upgrades
  • Stormwater replacement
  • Tennis court resurfacing
  • Concessions and outdoor restrooms expansion
  • Bleacher replacement
  • Weight room improvements
  • Fire alarm system replacement
  • Auditorium upgrades (address balcony and new stage curtains)

Green Bay Preble High School

  • Auditorium renovation, including new seating and improved acoustics
  • Commons expansion
  • Addition of 8 classrooms
  • Stadium improvements, including artificial turf, track, concessions, restrooms, and storage buildings
  • Asphalt replacement of the main parking lot
  • Weight room improvements

Green Bay Southwest High School

  • Physical education and athletic locker rooms renovations
  • Tennis courts resurfacing
  • New gym floor and bleachers
  • Artificial turf to baseball field addition
  • Stadium asphalt replacement
  • Auditorium sound system replacement 
  • Weight room improvements

Green Bay West High School

  • Stadium improvements, including the press box, artificial turf, track, lights, and buildings
  • Weight room addition, new bleachers, air conditioning, video scoreboard, and ceiling fans in the large gym
  • Paint small gym
  • Locker room renovations
  • Renovation of the auditorium, including new seats (the plan is to preserve the historical look)

Edison Middle School

  • Auditorium renovations, including seating, carpet, and sound system
  • Repave track and long jump

Franklin Middle School

  • Auditorium upgrades
  • New bleachers and sound system upgrade in the large gym
  • A volleyball court addition to the small gym

Lombardi Middle School

  • Family and Consumer Science lab upgrades (cabinetry and appliances)
  • New batting cages
  • Paint gym

Washington, Red Smith, and John Dewey Academy of Learning are also expected to receive a few upgrades.

For more information about the Green Bay Area Public School District’s referendum, you can visit the district’s website here.