GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – A Green Bay boy has started a lemonade stand to raise some extra money for his upcoming make-a-wish trip to Legoland in Florida.

The Make-A-Wish organization covers expenses for kids and their families on these trips. Desireah Reyes said her son Gavyn is raising the money so his sister will have some extra spending money on the trip so that she can enjoy her time as much as he does.

“Because I didn’t want her to feel left out and stuff,” said Gavyn when asked why he’s raising money through the lemonade stand.

They are also planning on donating some of the money to other families that are also going through cancer battles. 

“People helped me out in my journey, so I want to help others out in their journey,” Gavyn said.

Gavyn is battling Stage 4 synovial sarcoma a rare cancer that impacts his muscles and his ligaments. He has to wear a walking boot because the muscles in his foot break easily. His mom said that he’s started having seizures and gets bad headaches as well.

“Right now we are dealing with the emotional part of things, because Gavyn’s journey has been a bit of a roller coaster,” said Reyes.

Gavyn wanted to have a lemonade stand last summer, but couldn’t because of his health. His mom said he’s doing better right now so they saw it as an opportunity to do it.

His mom also said the lemonade stand gives Gavyn a chance to feel normal and do fun summer activities like all the other middle school kids in the area.

“I love it, it’s been awhile since he’s had that big smile on his face,” said Reyes. “I’m just trying to keep it there the best I can. As long as he has it, (his smile) I’m great.”

Reyes gave Local Five News permission to tell our viewers that the lemonade stand is at 1215 South Fisk St. in Green Bay.