GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – One local business owner is searching near and far for his generator. Owner of the Bay Burger Food Truck, Cole Ductan, says he cannot believe someone would steal from his business.  

“I parked my food truck out here in the Broadway district and I went out for an event last weekend, and I walked up to my food truck and my entire generator is cut off,” said Ductan. 

Ductan is in the process of transitioning from a food truck to a storefront, and recently had his generator stolen from his food truck.

“Yeah, they cut the straps off the chain and everything,” said Ductan. 

Ductan says the theft is making it difficult for his business, “I’ve still got multiple events to finish out the season before winter hits, and now I got to go out and buy a new generator, and those aren’t cheap.”

The owner of Bay Burger Food Tuck says he has filed a police report and is actively searching for the thief. Although he is angry, Ductan has a proposition for whoever is responsible.  

“Why would you steal someone’s generator off their food truck, you can tell they need it to operate their business?” asked Ductan. 

“What is in your mind when you do something like that you know, get a job? If you need a job come ask me, I am hiring, I am hiring all positions. You need to dish wash, cook, or whatever you don’t know how to do I will teach you. Come ask for a job, you know, don’t steal things,” stated Ductan.  

If you have any information regarding the theft, please contact your local authorities.