GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – A Green Bay church has a break-in caught on camera. It’s hoping you might be able to help them solve it.

“We walk in and why are all of these office doors open?” Pastor Jerry Bader wondered, when he came to work on Tuesday morning.

That break-in at Samaritan’s Heart Mission Church on Green Bay’s west side happened sometime late Monday or early Tuesday morning.

“We saw the damage to the various doors where the office doors were and other doors were jimmied to get in,” Bader said.

Samaritan's Heart Ministries Church was broken into on Sept. 12, 2022 and had electronics stolen. (Handout/SHMC)
Samaritan’s Heart Mission Church was broken into on Sept. 12, 2022 and had electronics stolen. (Handout/SHMC)

He now hopes by releasing a still frame from the church’s security cameras you might recognize the man responsible. The burglar was inside for about 20 minutes and damaged office doors and was able to walk away with some electronics.

“You get into that comfort zone, where you don’t think things are gonna happen, and I think we all have a kind of perception of a church,” Bader added.

The break-in stings a little more because of what the church stands for.

“If that person walked in the front door in broad daylight, we would do what we could to help them. Once they pay for the consequences of their actions, we would still help them,” said Bader.

The church said it is now reviewing security protocols to make sure thieves don’t strike again.

“It’s important, too, that nobody was hurt, nobody was in the building, items can be replaced, everybody’s safe, and I know that’s critical,” added Bader.

Green Bay police said a report was made and it’s an active investigation, so it could not provide any comment on what happened.

If you have information about who the man is, or about the crime, contact Green Bay police at 920-448-3200. You can also use CrimeStoppers, if you’d like to remain anonymous.